Job Description Manual (JDM)

JDM 2.00  Table of Contents

JDM 4.00  Position Charts

JDM 4.01  CEU Position Chart

JDM 4.04  Position Chart - Administration and Accounting Office

JDM 7.01  Assistant to the President

JDM 7.02  Dean, School of Accountancy and Management

JDM 7.03  Dean, School of Dentistry

JDM 7.04  Dean, School of Education, Liberal Arts Music and Social Work

JDM 7.05  Dean, Graduate School

JDM 7.06  Dean, School of Law and Jurisprudence

JDM 7.07  Dean, School of Medical Technology

JDM 7.08  Dean, School of Medicine

JDM 7.09  Dean, School of Nursing

JDM 7.10  Dean, School of Optometry

JDM 7.11  Dean, School of Pharmacy

JDM 7.12  Dean, School of Science and Technology

JDM 7.13  Associate Dean, School of Law and Jurisprudence

JDM 7.14  Associate Dean, School of Medicine

JDM 7.15  Associate Dean, School of Accountancy and Management Department, Makati Campus

JDM 7.16  Associate Dean, School of Dentistry

JDM 7.17  Associate Dean, Graduate School

JDM 7.18  Associate Dean, School of Medical Technology

JDM 7.19  Associate Dean, School of Nutrition and Hospitality Management

JDM 7.20  Academic Department Head, Biological Sciences Department

JDM 7.21  Academic Department Head, Computer Education Department

JDM 7.22  Academic Department Head, Languages Department

JDM 7.23  Academic Department Head, Physical Education Department

JDM 7.24  Academic Department Head, Physical Sciences and Mathematics Department

JDM 7.25  Academic Department Head, Psychology Department

JDM 7.26  Academic Department Head, Social Sciences and Humanities Department

JDM 7.27  Non-Teaching Department Head, Accounting Department

JDM 7.28  Non-Teaching Department Head, Auxiliary Services Department

JDM 7.29  Non-Teaching Department Head, Budget Department

JDM 7.30  Non-Teaching Department Head, Cash Department

JDM 7.32  Non-Teaching Department Head, Clinical Laboratory Department

JDM 7.33  Non-Teaching Department Head, Community Outreach Department

JDM 7.34  Non-Teaching Department Head, Guidance and Counseling Department

JDM 7.35  Non-Teaching Department Head, Health Services Department

JDM 7.36  Non-Teaching Department Head, Human Resource Department

JDM 7.37  Non-Teaching Department Head, Information and Communications Technology Department

JDM 7.38  Non-Teaching Department Head, Internal Audit Department

JDM 7.39  Non-Teaching Department Head, Library Department

JDM 7.40  Non-Teaching Department Head, Marketing Communications Department

JDM 7.41  Non-Teaching Department Head, National Service Training Program (NSTP) Department

JDM 7.42  Non-Teaching Department Head,  Physical Plant and Facilities Department

JDM 7.43  Non-Teaching Department Head,  Office of the Registrar

JDM 7.44  Non-Teaching Department Head, Planning and Monitoring Department

JDM 7.45  Non-Teaching Department Head, Property Department

JDM 7.46  Non-Teaching Department Head, Purchasing Department

JDM 7.47  Non-Teaching Department Head, Security Department

JDM 7.48  Non-Teaching Department Head, Student Affairs Office, Makati Campus

JDM 7.49  Non-Teaching Department Head, Teaching and Learning Technology Department

JDM 7.50  Program Director, Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Department

JDM 7.51  Program Head 2, Accountancy Program

JDM 7.52   Program Head 2, Dentistry Department

JDM 7.53  Program Head 2, College of Hospitality Management, CEU Malolos

JDM 7.57  Assistant Head, Accounting Department

JDM 7.58  Assistant Head, Clinical Laboratory Department

JDM 7.59  Assistant Head, Human Resource Department

JDM 7.60 Administrative Officer, CEU Makati



JDM 8.01  Assistant to the Vice President (Athletics)

JDM 8.03  Assistant to the Vice President (International Student Services)

JDM 8.04  Assistant to the Vice President (Management Information Section)

JDM 8.05  Assistant to the Vice President (University Campus Organization)

JDM 8.06  Assistant to the Vice President (University Publications Section)

JDM 8.07  Assistant to the Dean (Administration)

JDM 8.08  Assistant to the Dean (School of Dentistry)

JDM 8.09  Assistant to the Dean (Graduate School)

JDM 8.10  Assistant to the Dean (Instruction and Level 1 RLE)

JDM 8.11  Assistant to the Dean (School of Science and Technology)

JDM 8.12  Assistant to the Dean (Student Affairs)

JDM 8.13  Program Head 1, Accountancy Program

JDM 8.14  Program Head 1, Business Administration Program  

JDM 8.15  Program Head 1, Computer Education Program

JDM 8.16  Program Head 1, Education Program

JDM 8.17  Program Head 1,Hospitality Management Program

JDM 8.18  Program Head 1, Hotel and Restaurant Management Program

JDM 8.19  Program Head 1, Liberal Arts Program

JDM 8.20  Program Head 1, Music Program

JDM 8.21  Program Head 1, Nutrition and Dietetics Program

JDM 8.22  Program Head 1, Political Science Program

JDM 8.23  Program Head 1, Psychology Program

JDM 8.24  Program Head 1, Tourism Management Program

JDM 8.25  Division Chair, Clinical Dentistry

JDM 8.26  Division Chair, Community Dentistry

JDM 8.27 Coordinator, Biological Sciences Department

JDM 8.28 Coordinator, Community Nursing

JDM 8.29 Coordinator, Community Outreach/ NSTP Section

JDM 8.30 Coordinator, Dental Facilities and Equipment Section

JDM 8.31 Coordinator, Hospital and Community Dentistry

JDM 8.32 Coordinator, Hospital Dentistry

JDM 8.33 Coordinator, Hospital Nursing

JDM 8.34 Coordinator, Internship

JDM 8.35 Coordinator, Marketing Communication Section

JDM 8.36 Coordinator, Pharmacy Laboratories Section

JDM 8.37 Coordinator, Physical Plant and Facilities Section

JDM 8.40 Coordinator, Research, Planning and Monitoring Section

JDM 8.41 Coordinator, School of Dentistry

JDM 8.42 Coordinator, Science Laboratories Section

JDM 8.43 Coordinator, Seurity Section

JDM 8.44 Coordinator, Student Affairs

JDM 8.45 Coordinator, University Ministry

JDM 8.47  Administrative Assistant 2, Office of the University Registrar

JDM 8.48  Administrative Assistant 2, President's Office

JDM 8.49  Assistant to the Head, Physical Plant and Facilities Department

JDM 8.50  Division Head, Automation Division

JDM 8.51  Division Head, Computer Aided Instruction Division

JDM 8.52  Division Head, Payroll Division

JDM 8.53  Division Head, Information Technology Services Division, Library Department

JDM 8.55  Division Head, Networking Administration Division

JDM 8.56  Division Head, Payroll Division

JDM 8.57  Division Head, Programming and Quality Assurance Division

JDM 8.58  Division Head, Security and System Administration Division

JDM 8.59  Division Head, Web Administration and Development Division

JDM 8.60  Coordinator 2, Accounting and Property Section

JDM 8.61  Coordinator 2, Counseling and Testing Section

JDM 8.62  Coordinator 2, Guidance and Counseling Department/ Section

JDM 8.63  Coordinator 2, Library Section

JDM 8.64  Coordinator 2, Materials and Student Services Section

JDM 8.65  Coordinator 2, Reference and Information Services Section

JDM 8.66  Coordinator 2, Technical Services Section

JDM 8.68  Coordinator 1, Admission and Scholarship Section

JDM 8.69  Coordinator 1, Budget Department

JDM 8.70  Coordinator 1, Cash Department/ Section

JDM 8.71  Coordinator 1, Database Administration Section

JDM 8.72  Coordinator 1, End - User Support (HelpDesk) Section

JDM 8.73  Coordinator 1, Financial Reports and Operations Audit Section

JDM 8.74  Coordinator 1, General Accounts Section

JDM 8.75  Coordinator 1, Marketing Communications Department/ Section

JDM 8.76  Coordinator 1, Mechanical and Plumbing Section

JDM 8.77  Coordinator 1, Payroll and Benefits Section

JDM 8.78  Coordinator 1, Payroll and Disbursement Section

JDM 8.79  Coordinator 1, Physical Plant and Facilities Section

JDM 8.80  Coordinator 1, Programming and Quality Assurance Division

JDM 8.81  Coordinator 1, Property Department

JDM 8.82  Coordinator 1, Purchasing Department

JDM 8.83  Coordinator 1, Registration and Grades

JDM 8.84  Coordinator 1, Science Laboratories Section

JDM 8.85  Coordinator 1, Security Section

JDM 8.86  Coordinator 1, Staffing, Recruitment and Employee Document Section

JDM 8.87  Coordinator 1, Student Accounts Section

JDM 8.88  Coordinator 1, Student Activities and Service Section

JDM 8.89  Coordinator 1, Student Evaluation Section

JDM 8.90  Coordinator 1, Teaching and Learning Technology Section

JDM 8.91  Coordinator 1, Technical or Hardware Support Section

JDM 8.92  Coordinator 1, Training and Development Section

JDM 8.93  Assistant to the University Registrar (Foreign Students and Alumni Section)

JDM 8.94  Assistant to the University Registrar (Records)


JDM 9.01  Accountant

JDM 9.02  Dentist

JDM 9.03  Engineer

JDM 9.04  Guidance Counselor

JDM 9.05  Laboratory Specialist 

JDM 9.06  Librarian

JDM 9.07  Medical Technologist

JDM 9.08  Nursing

JDM 9.09  Physician

JDM 9.10 Psychometrician

JDM 9.11  Radiologic Technologist

JDM 9.12  Social Worker

JDM 10.01  Accounting Asssistant, Accounts Payable

JDM 10.02  Accounting Asssistant, Compliance

JDM 10.03  Accounting Asssistant, Disbursement

JDM 10.04  Accounting Asssistant, General Accountants

JDM 10.05  Accounting Asssistant, Payroll

JDM 10.06  Accounting Asssistant, Student Accounts

JDM 10.07  Accounting Asssistant, Tax Compliance

JDM 10.08  Accounting Asssistant 1, Vice-President's Office

JDM 10.09  Accounting Asssistant 1, Business Affairs Office

JDM 10.10  Accounting Asssistant 1, Treasurer's Office

JDM 10.11  Audit Assistant

JDM 10.12  Career Services and Placement Assistant

JDM 10.13  Cashier

JDM 10.14  Clerk, School/ College, Program Head's Office

JDM 10.15  Clerk, Academic Department

JDM 10.16  Clerk, Accounting and Administration Office

JDM 10.17  Clerk, Assistant Dean's Office

JDM 10.18  Clerk, Auxiliary Services Department

JDM 10.19  Clerk, Budget Department

JDM 10.20  Clerk, Coordinator's Office

JDM 10.21  Clerk, Guidance and Counseling Department

JDM 10.22  Clerk, Health Services Department

JDM 10.23  Clerk, National Service Training Program Department

JDM 10.24  Clerk, Physical Plant and Facilities Department

JDM 10.25  Clerk, Planning and Monitoring Department

JDM 10.26  Clerk, Professional and Continuing Education (PACE) Department

JDM 10.27  Clerk, Property Department

JDM 10.28  Clerk, Purchasing Department

JDM 10.29  Clerk, Research and Evaluation Office

JDM 10.30  Clerk, Security Department (Information Desk)

JDM 10.31  Clerk, Student Affairs Office/ Student Activities and Services Section

JDM 10.32  Clerk, Teaching and Learning Technology Department

JDM 10.34  Clerk, University Ministry

JDM 10.35  Clerk, University Publication Section

JDM 10.36  Clerk, Vice President's Office

JDM 10.37  Data Processing Assistant

JDM 10.38  Educational Technology Assistant

JDM 10.39  Human Resource Assistant, Employee Documentation

JDM 10.40  Human Resource Assistant, Payroll

JDM 10.41  Human Resource Assistant, Training and Development

JDM 10.42  ICT Assistant

JDM 10.43  Library Assistant

JDM 10.44  Marketing Assistant, Creative Gaphic Design

JDM 10.45  Marketing Assistant, Digital Marketing

JDM 10.46  Marketing Assistant, Events

JDM 10.47  Marketing Assistant, Office

JDM 10.48  Marketing Assistant, Press Relations

JDM 10.49  Marketing Assistant, Student Recruitment

JDM 10.50  Mass Communication Laboratory Assistant

JDM 10.51  Office Assistant, School/ College/ Program Head's Office

JDM 10.52  Office Assistant, Cash Department

JDM 10.53  Office Assistant, Library Department

JDM 10.54  Student Development Assistant

JDM 10.55  Student Records Assistant, Administration

JDM 10.56  Student Records Assistant, Admissions and Scholarships

JDM 10.57  Student Records Assistant, Application and Releasing

JDM 10.58  Student Records Assistant, Foreign Students and Alumni

JDM 10.59  Student Records Assistant, Foreign Students and Alumni (Laiason Office)

JDM 10.60  Student Records Assistant, Information Technology Services

JDM 10.61  Student Records Assistant, Records

JDM 10.62  Student Records Assistant, Registration and Grades

JDM 10.63  Student Records Assistant, Student Evaluation


JDM 11.01  Airconditioning and Refregiration Technician

JDM 11.02  Carpenter

JDM 11.03  Driver/ Messenger

JDM 11.04  Educational Technology Technician

JDM 11.05  Electrician

JDM 11.06  Gardener

JDM 11.07  Laboratory Technician

JDM 11.08  Library Aide

JDM 11.09  Lifeguard

JDM 11.10  Machine Technician

JDM 11.11  Mason

JDM 11.12  Painter

JDM 11.13  Plumber

JDM 11.14  Stockman/ Tinsmith

JDM 11.15  Utility Aide