General Administration Manual (GAM)

GAM 3.01     General Administration Mission Statement

GAM 3.02     Organizational Chart - Office of the President and Chief Academic Officer

GAM 3.03     Organizational Chart - Office of the AVP Administration and Accounting

GAM 3.04     Organizational Chart - Auxiliary Services Department

GAM 3.05     Organizational Chart - Physical Plant and Facilities Department (Removed from the System)

GAM 3.06     Organizational Chart - Management Information System Department (Removed from the System)

GAM 3.07     Organizational Chart - Information and Communications Technology Department

GAM 3.08     Organizational Chart - Marketing and Placement Department

GAM 3.09     Organizational Chart - Security Department

GAM 3.10     Organizational Chart - Purchasing Department

GAM 8.01     Preparation for and Administration  of Computerized Enrollment (Removed from the System)

GAM 8.02     Management of Great Plains Financial System (Removed from the System)

GAM 10.01     Preparing the University Marketing Plan

GAM 10.02     Preparing and Monitoring of the Media and Publicity

GAM 10.03     Producing Advertising Materials

GAM 10.04     Producing Publicity Materials

GAM 10.05     Production and Inventory of Promotional Items

GAM 10.06     Marketing of Centennial Publications

GAM 10.07     Displaying Announcements

GAM 10.08     Providing Marketing Support Services to CEU Schools / Colleges and Other Departments / Offices

GAM 10.09     Preparing Comparative Advertising Output Report

GAM 10.16     Holding School Orientation / Exhibit / School Fair

GAM 10.17     Requesting Off-Campus Administration of Entrance Examination 

GAM 10.18     Mailing of Brochure Packs and Postcards

GAM 10.19     Handling Inventory of Promotional Items

GAM 10.20     Preparing the Comparative Recruitment Output Report

‚ÄčGAM 10.26     Implementing Top Feeder Schools Incentive Program

GAM 10.27     Organizing Seminar-workshop for the Officials of the University's Top Feeder School

GAM 10.28     Conducting Project Who's in the Neighborhood

GAM 10.29     Conducting the 20/21 Incentive Program

GAM 10.30     Conducting Student Campus Tour Guide

GAM 10.31     Operating the College Freshman Assistance Center

GAM 10.32     Conducting Jobs and Careers Fair

GAM 10.34     Producing Content for Daily Topic Schedule

GAM 10.35     Producing Friday Features Video

GAM 10.36     Reviewing of Main Website and Microsites

GAM 10.37     Uploading Video Materials on Youtube

GAM 10.38     Producting Content for Digital "Gimmicks"

GAM 10.39     Policies on the Use of Social Media