Financial Affairs Manual (FAM)

Receivable Management     

6.01     Processing Assessment Guide    

6.02     Computing Student Refunds/ Adjustments on Discounts, Scholarships, Grants, Overpayments and Other Related Transactions

6.03     Computing Total Dropping and Partial Adding/Dropping of Subjects

6.04     Processing of Cash Receipts and Income Breakdown Summary

6.05     Processing/Issuance of Examination Permit and Promissory Note

6.06     Processing of Certification/Statement of Accounts

Payroll Management

6.18     Processing of Payroll of Teaching Staff (Faculty) and Non-Teaching Staff (Supportive Employees)

6.19     Computing for Substitution Pay/ Overload

6.20     Computing for Summer Pay

6.21     Computing for Mid-Year Bonus and Christmas Bonus

6.22     Computing for 13th Month

6.23     Computing for Incentive Leave Pay

6.24     Computation of Unused Vacation/ Sick Leave

6.25     Computing Holiday Pay

6.26     Computing for Incremental Proceeds

6.27     Computing for Longevity Pay

6.28     Computing for Adviser's Honorarium

6.29     Computing for Big Classes Pay

6.30     Computing for Enrollment Advising Pay

6.31     Computation of HRM Allowance

6.32     Computing for Internship/Practicum Coordinator Pay

6.33     Computing for Lecture by Class

6.34     Computing for RLE Allowance

6.35     Computing for Special Examination Pay

6.36     Computing for Transportation Allowance and Incentive

6.37     Determining Faculty Gross Hourly Salary Scale

6.38     Processing Monthly Position Incentive Allowance (PIA) for Senior Staff

6.39     Processing of Authorization to Deduct for School Fees and Other Services

6.40     Computing for Maternity Benefits

6.41     Computing for Retirement/ Death Benefit

6.42     Quantifying Salary Differential Due to Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiated Benefits or Ranking of Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff

Payable Management

6.57     Processing of Salary of Graduate School and NSTP Faculty Members

6.58     Preparing Honorarium for Students Services

6.59     Processing of CEU Housing Assistance Loan (HAL)

6.60     Processing of CEU Car Loan for Top and Middle Managers

6.61     Preparing/ Processing of Employees Taxable Compensation Income and Tax Withheld (Withholding Tax on Compensation)

6.62     Preparing/ Processing of Taxes Withheld on Dividends (Final Tax)

6.63     Preparing/ Processing of Taxes Withheld at Source (Expanded Withholding Tax)

6.64     Processing of Petty Cash Voucher

6.65     Processing of Accounts Payable and Check Voucher

6.66     Remitting Loans, Dues and Other Funds

6.67     Remitting Tax Payable to Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

6.68     Remitting Social Security System (SSS); Philippine Health Insurance (PhilHealth) and Home Development Mutual Fund ( Pag-IBIG) Premiums

6.69     Computing SSS Maternity/ Sickness and Employee's Compensation Benefit

6.70     Processing SSS Salary Loan/ Pag-IBIG Multi Purpose Loan

6.71     Processing Remittance of Salary Loan to Social Security System (SSS), Pag-IBIG Multi Purpose Loan to Home Development Mutual Fund (Pag-IBIG)

6.72     Processing PHILHEALTH Claim Form 1

General Accounts

6.83     Preparation of Financial Statements

6.84     Preparation of Financial Operating Plan

6.85     Preparing the Budget Performance Report

6.86     Preparing Quarterly Report for Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

6.87     Analyzing Accounts

6.88     Preparing Quarterly and Annual Report for the Philippine Statistics Authority

6.89     Processing the Statement of Accounts for Lease Contracts

6.90     Processing of Philippine Long Distance Telecommunication Bills for Personal Calls of Employees

6.91     Processing of Electric and Water Bills of Lessees

6.92     Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement